OSX - mail backup folders

Hi all:

I notice that Kopia is not able to backup folders that can access only root , I.E


Is there anyway of backing up those folders?


Well… in your home folder, there shouldn’t be any files owned solely by root or any other account anyway… you’d better fix that.


This is default on mail config on OSx. This is the way OSx configures this for their apps (included mail.app).

Actually, I’m looking for backup mail.app email content.

Do you have “Full Disk Access” granted to Kopia in the Security & Privacy - Privacy tab in System Preferences? You might need to grant it to the Server binary (kopia) and the KopiaUI application.


I already tried this. The main issue is that I can do it with KopiaUI… but I cannot do it with Kopia binary.

I’ll try to follow this steps (Manually Granting Applications Full Disk Access in macOS Catalina – Tech Otaku) and I’ll post results.


Didn’t work.

I was able to give full access but snapshots are still on zero bits.