Question on Repository Structure

Hello, thank you for an excellent app.

I am currently running a Kopia repository on wasabi, it is about 5TB, and it serves around eight clients that are a mix of windows, mac, and linux. I am adding a new server that has a capacity of 25TB, and due to this I am looking at migrating to a Hetzner storage box to cut costs.

Hetzner does not support object storage on their storage boxes, so I was wondering what the best way to structure this would be. I see three options:

  1. Have clients connect to the storage box directly through SFTP/SCP, which I’ve seen some users report issues with.
  2. Have a small vps from hetzner that mounts the storage box via SMB/CIFS and run Kopia repository server on that. I would like all clients to be able to access all snapshots, is that possible with KRS?
  3. Have a small vps from hetzner that mounts the storage box as above, but this time run an instance of Minio and expose the storage box to kopia as an S3 compatible object storage.

Additionally, Hetzner has stated their storage boxes run on ZFS and can tolerate multiple drive failures. Would it be worth using the new RS ECC on this repository, or would this likely be overkill?

Last question, apologies, if I use different settings on this new repository compared to my old one, and run kopia sync, will it properly apply the new settings to the data as it is migrated?

Thank you so much for any assistance,

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Did you ever figure out the answers to your questions? I have the same questions :slight_smile: