How to backup gdrive files to s3 bucket

please provide the cmd command for backup file from gdrive to s3 bucket using kopia by integrating rclone.i have finished configuring both drive and s3 . what is the next step can anyone guide us through

kopia only supports local sources so you have to mount your gdrive using rclone and then use kopia to S3.

Something like:

rclone mount gdrive: /path/to/gdrivemount

and then

kopia snapshot create /path/to/gdrivemount

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can you please provide me an example … i couldnt mount properly. is the path given above to mount indicating the local file path or gdrive path?

Is there any other way instead of using rclone . It may consume time for backup. Is there any way to backup file from gdrive to s3 without an intermediate but directly using kopia?