Removing snapshots from another host

I recently changed my repository and forgot to ensure the hostname was consistent when connecting the repo again. I’ve now reconnected it under the correct hostname.

Unfortunately I ran a backup under the other hostname.

The net result is that I now have backups under two hosts – the primary one with all of the backup retention policies etc, and then a second with a single set of backups of identical files to the primary.

I’ve tried delete which fails with:

Would delete snapshot <UID of wanted snapshot> of root@<hostname>:<path> at 2022-12-27 06:58:08 UTC (pass --delete to confirm)

…Which is not what I want. I then tried expire which results in:

Nothing to delete for <username>@<host>:/app/<UID>

I’m assuming this is because the files are wanted by the snapshots I wish to keep.

How do I remove the unwanted snapshots?

Did you pass --delete to confirm?