Revamped Policy Editor PR

I’ve been working on major upgrade to the policy editor UI. This basically switches from horizontal tabs to vertical accordion control making better use of available space and adds better descriptions for the purpose of each field.

Screenshots can be previewed at: KopiaUI Policy Editor Improvements - Album on Imgur
The PR is here: ui: revamped policy editor + various UI cleanups. by jkowalski · Pull Request #1537 · kopia/kopia · GitHub
Any feedback is welcome.

BTW, I’m looking for folks who can help with the HTML UI - that includes code reviews, design, CSS, React, testing, building APIs. I’m primarily a backend engineer and while this is fun for me to learn, I’m not really an expert in latest Javascript. If anybody here knows or wants to learn React, I’d really appreciate any help.

In a following PR I’m going to add a third column that computes effective values of all parameters taking policy inheritance into account.

Happy :turkey: Thanksgiving everyone!

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An important feature IMHO seems to be missing. The logging policy. If something does not go expected it would be very helpful to be able to set what should be (not) logged.

You’re right, completely forgot to add that :slight_smile: