Scheduling windows of time for backing up and bandwidth control


This is, somewhat related to my other request, here: Windows KopiaUI, how do I schedule backup frequency? - #7 by jaxjexjox
Not only would I like to be able to schedule, how often a backup / snapshot is taken (link above)

I would also like the ability to either limit the upload speed in KB/s and or set time windows it’s safe to run the backup at all.
I’m in Australia and I’m on a very fast link, for an Aussie. I used to be on a link with only 1Mbit upload (unlimited quantity)

If I need to upload, for example one particular backup of 35GB every Tuesday evening, it would be nice if I could pause that upload, if it’s not completed by Wednesday morning or in the least set a time window that uploads are slower. (Only 2mbit of uploads, during business hours, for example)

Does this make sense?
Thanks so much for the hard work.

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Alternatively, in the short term, an easier solution might be simply backup limiting per job.

I know, most of my jobs will take an hour or two at most, but this one particular job I expect to take at least 3 or 4 days to do at a pace which wouldn’t cause disruption.

FYI: This topic may have details you’re looking for (at least some detail)