KopiaUI - Connecting to an existing repository

I have a current repository I need to connect to from the UI on another computer.

After I enter the connection details, I’m only presented with the ‘Create Repository’ option. Am I safe to click this to connect to the repository? The wording suggests it might attempt to recreate the repository rather than simply connecting.

My first guess would be, that you’re running a local repo on the original host. When trying to access that repo from a remote host, the connection details would be different. Having KopiaUI prompting to create a new repo looks like, you’re trying to connect to a local repo on the other computer, which of course is non-existant.

Sorry, let me explain my setup in a bit more detail.

I’m running the Kopia UI docker container on Unraid and backing up via SFTP to a Hetzner storage box.

From my Windows machine I’m trying to connect to the repository in my storage box using the Kopia UI to test the recovery process.

Maybe I’m not grasping where a repository exists, but my understanding was that it existed in the location you backup to? And that I can simply connect from another machine to it?

I see… well, maybe try looking on the SFTP server, if there’s an issue with the file permissions or any other error. Try to connect to this SFTP share from your host and see, if you are presented with the repo files.

Thanks, I’ll check that. Just to confirm though, from the UI should I be seeing a Connect button rather then a create repository button?

The system tray icon has an option called “Connect to Another Repository” when rightclicking it. Do you see that?

I figured out the issue…I was not connecting to the correct repository folder on my Hetzner storage box. So simple user error :man_facepalming: