Snapshot on local repository much larger than source folder

Hi, I just started using Kopia and I’m seeing something odd. I just created a local repository to backup a source folder that’s ~35GB. However the repository is ~48GB. This is with s2-default compression. I also tried s2-better. Why is the repository so much LARGER than the source, right from the first shapshot?

What kind of files are you backing up? How many files? Lots of small files or a few big files? There is some additional data that needs to be stored in the repository like the content index that keeps a list of hashes, manifests that list out exactly what blocks make up a file, etc… If you enabled ecc when the repo was created, this will use more storage as well.

I’m backing up around 30,000 files, mostly Microsoft Office files and PDFs. Sizes range from less than 1MB up to around 300MB.