Restore owner/permission doesn't work for the parent dir

Just a quick question - it seems a restore creates a parent directory with the owner as ‘root’ with the contents as read-only. Files contained within the parent directory are restored with the correct user and permissions. Folders nested in the parent directory (and all files and subfolders) are also assigned the the correct owner and permissions.

Out of curiosity, why is it that the owner of only the parent directory gets transferred from the original to root with read-only permissions (with restore permissions enabled)?

The restore it to a SMB share.

May be I missed a new features, but AFAIK a few backup solutions storing meta data such as permissions/ownerships. If you need it, then you have to have to add such information with appropriate for a particular file/operation/system tools, like getfacl/setfacl on Linux or icacls on windows an so on.

You can do it in kopia’s hooks “before” snapshot by running such tools just before taking snapshot.

Kopia is one of several solutions which can do this. Only, the parent directory remains owned as root with its read-only permission, which is curious. Maybe a current limitation. Just to clarify, it’s the root of the restore, no matter which restore folder one selects.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 215830