Snapshot verify errors


Running kopia v13 and I am getting many errors after running

kopia snapshot verify --verify-files-percent 5
Processed 442687 objects.
ERROR unable to add b22a198a0f9da02ed03071d04a875d43.1103.3.0 to contents: can't get mod time for file "C:\\Users\\saviodsouza\\AppData\\Local\\kopia\\3c824ed0e5400071\\contents/b2/2a198a0f9da02ed03071d04a875d43.1103.3.0.f": CreateFile C:\Users\saviodsouza\AppData\Local\kopia\3c824ed0e5400071\contents/b2/2a198a0f9da02ed03071d04a875d43.1103.3.0.f: The system cannot find the file specified.
Processed 442913 objects.
Processed 443368 objects.
Processed 444675 objects.
Processed 446557 objects.
Processed 447149 objects.
Processed 448055 objects.
Processed 449646 objects.
Processed 450770 objects.
ERROR unable to add 5ad25f806dd939c58137bf6362941e25.1103.3.0 to contents: can't get mod time for file "C:\\Users\\saviodsouza\\AppData\\Local\\kopia\\3c824ed0e5400071\\contents/5a/d25f806dd939c58137bf6362941e25.1103.3.0.f": CreateFile C:\Users\saviodsouza\AppData\Local\kopia\3c824ed0e5400071\contents/5a/d25f806dd939c58137bf6362941e25.1103.3.0.f: The system cannot find the file specified.
Processed 451572 objects.
Processed 452509 objects.
Processed 452970 objects.

Is there a way to fix these
I have tried but didn’t work

kopia snapshot fix invalid-files
kopia snapshot fix invalid-files --commit

My repo is on a local usb disk which is connected to couple of desktops and laptops for backups running windows and Linux

Hi @saviodsouza,

i had this issue before. It seems to be an error with the current caching implementation. For testing purposes, you can try to increase the cache and try again. Based on your repository size, the cache needs to be increased by alot.


Hi @ChrisA

I have already increased the cache content and metadata to 10000MB each from default 5GB

I wonder if there is any data corruption in the repository?


How big is your repository?

Backend: usb3.0 1TB disk

Total Bytes: 1.1 TB
Total Packed: 653.8 GB

Hi @saviodsouza ,

When verifying 5 percent the cache should be about 30 Gb to test it. You can try to verify 1 percent and check again.


There are no errors with 1 % verification