SOLVED Question about sync-to function

Hello everyone, I need to backup a desktop pc that is under a 4G router (with a not flat internet plan), to a pcloud space.
Data on this pc is more or less 1TB.
I also have a notebook on which there is already installed kopia and that I can bring with me to the office where I have a 200/20 FTTC adsl.
Could be a solution making an initial local backup from desktop pc on a usb disk, and then doing a sync-to from local repository by notebook to pcloud by flat adsl?
This is intended only for initial backup, after then continue doing regular and small backups from desktop pc directly to pcloud.
Could be a good idea or sync-to is a very long procedure?

Another doubt, could instead upload local repository folder to cloud without using sync-to and then connecting to it? Or the type of repos are different between filesystem and rclone also in directory’s structure?

Solved, copied the entire repo folder from local to cloud and then reconnected to it.
Sorry but I’m newbie in kopia.

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