Struggling here. Simple FTP would have saved much grief

Have always used FTP as a means to limit ransomware. At first with an FTP server capable of write once (would not work here), then later with the standard MS FTP server and it’s 32000 character filename capability.

So I’m puzzled. Just what were the reasons for selecting an exclusive SFTP connection? I understand that FTP is risky when used for internet transport, but in this case the payload is already encrypted. Besides, how many Kopia installations are local lan only?

For now, I’m just using the SMB connection…but I really, really wish to return to Microsoft’s standard FTP.

There was a story making the rounds once. About a school district which had lost thousands of PCs to ransomware. Try to imagine the state of that IT staff. Everything smoked. Yet EVERY machine setup ONLY as a server was still running. No damage at all.

Sorry to disappoint but really, as of modern standards, FTP is a sh*tty protocol. A real pain when you have to go through a firewall, through a NAT, etc.

It’s included within every box of Windows. Other commercial backup products use MS FTP because it’s a bone standard predictable server which won’t bite them with “gotchas”.

And a great many users will NEVER crossover from their local lan…