The memory overflow occurs after the 600T capacity is backed up

I have a directory with a total capacity of 600T. When kopia windows UI is used in full backup, 200 sub-directories fail to be backed up, and the total number of sub-directories is about 2000.
I found the machine was full of memory when I tried to list the directory with the Kopia command. My memory size is 64 gigabytes. What’s the reason for this part. Kopia BUG or need to increase memory capacity

The version used is 0.12.1

This could be one of first attempts at backing up a repository of this size so there are probably data structures that will be consuming large amounts of RAM.

I would recommend splitting into multiple smaller repositories if possible (should be hopefully easier to individually manage) and adding RAM if that does not work.

64 GB should be a lot and if Kopia is not able to fit in that I would say for now there won’t be an easy fix, until we get to the root cause of the issue and fix the limitation, which could require a major rearchitecture.