Too many levels of symbolic links

Some of tasks stop working.

Error: upload error: too many levels of symbolic links.

snapshotted directory `{"path":".","error":"unable to 
read directory: open /share/path: too many levels of symbolic 

**Error:** unable to create local filesystem: unable to determine entry type: lstat /share/path: too many levels of symbolic links.

Already all tasks fail with that error. So that some global problem.

If you haven’t found a solution yet, could it be that /share/path is a symbolic link to itself or to something that points back to this (or that directory contains such a symlink), thus creating a circular reference?

container restart usually solve that problem.
Sometimes i got it after host reboot and need to restart container once again.

Maybe some symlinks exist on share. Since it’s huge, i have no idea.

after container restart all backups it lost.

all memory instant leaking, but snapshot can’t be loaded.