Unable to add a new client to an existing repository: Asks for blob which it never created


i’ve experiencing a strange behaviour with the latest kopia release (0.12.1). I’ve setup a docker container and created a repository on my NAS. In total three clients are connected to this repository (NAS itself, workstation and a laptop).

The snapshots are running fine and maintenance as well as snapshot verify showing no errors at all.

Two days ago, I wanted to add a another client to the same repository. The initialization of the repository failed with the message: unable to get cached content…unable to find blob with id…

The client was never connected to the repository and was asking for a blob from another client. I analyzed the repository as well as the local folders in AppData but i can’t get my head around it. The blob with the requested ID was added to the repository before this client connected. It was a blob from a different machine and was deleted in the meanwhile.

I do not see the reason why the new client asks for a blob it never created.
I’ve tried to identify the issue and copied the local cache from another client. The error then was different.

Any ideas?

Why would you want to initialize a new repo? You simply create a new repo user on your Kopia Server and then connect the new client…

It is the same repository :slight_smile:

I finally got it working. I was mounting the repository via smb but not using the full path. The mount was Z:\ pointing to the parent folder where the repository was stored. Within the UI I gave the full path to the repository Z:\kopia.

Now the client finds the repository. I just needed to fix permissions and now its working.

However, I might change my architecture and switch to a central server that provides the repository to all its clients. Right now, every client mounts the backup folder at startup.


At the end, it seems that it was an issue with permissions. The message in the logs about missing blobs was misleading.