Can never connect to repository after initial creation

I’m attempting to use KopiaUI to back up to an ExFAT-formatted USB drive. When I create the repository and use it during the same session, everything appears to work fine. However, any time I try to connect to the repository in the future - e.g. if I quit Kopia and re-open it, or unmount the drive and remount it - Kopia will not reconnect and gives an error like:

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: error opening repository: error connecting: unable to create shared content manager: error loading indexes: error downloading indexes: error loading index blob xn0_d9._eca6c24b8f716d1d25ea3f86248bf5-s838d5d2a4969dda5124-c1: decrypt blob: unable to get index blob IV: invalid blob ID: xn0_d9._eca6c24b8f716d1d25ea3f86248bf5

I have tried wiping the drive and creating a new repository multiple times, always with the same result. I’m using Kopia UI 0.15.0 on MacOS 13.6.3.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be?

You can try to validate the provider (filesystem) first to check if there are any errors.


Thanks Chris. If I run validate-provider, I get the exact same error I posted above.

Than there might be something with the device. Can you check your HDD or USB drive?

It’s a relatively new NVME SSD. I’ve erased and repartitioned it; I’ve tested copying hundreds of gigabytes to it; I’ve run First Aid in Disk Utility. No issues with any of that.

Also, on the drive, there is a file ./xn0/_d9/eca6c24b8f716d1d25ea3f86248bf5-s838d5d2a4969dda5124-c1.f
That seems to be the one Kopia is looking for, so I’m not sure why it’s having an issue.


Would you mind checking for files starting with underscores? I guess this is your problem, see

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Wow, that was it, thank you. Running dot_clean as suggested in the GitHub issue allows Kopia to connect to the repository no problem. Seems like Kopia needs a way to handle these files, since MacOS always creates them by default.

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Yeah, we need to handle it. Hopefully, there are some people who would like to join and participate :slight_smile:

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