Uninstalling Kopia from Mac

How do I uninstall Kopia? Mac user, OS is Sonoma 14.4.1.

I’ve deleted KopiaUI from my applications, but “Kopia LLC” still shows up under System Settings > General > Login Items > Allow in the background. Any way to remove this too?

Kopia does not offer uninstaller on macOS - it is unfortunate but common for macOS apps.

Either ignore whatever is left behind (it is rather harmless), remove it manually (might require to learn more about how your OS works) or maybe try some app for removing programs from macOS. Me personally I use free app called AppCleaner. I have been using it for years and all is fine but be careful with such apps you find on google as there is plenty of fake and spyware ridden ones.

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Thanks a million, kapitainsky. I’ve tried using the App Cleaner, but “Kopia LLC” still remains on the list of Login Items. I’d like to delete it manually but can’t locate it. Would you know which directory has this file?

No idea. I tend to ignore such items - make sure it is off and that’s it. To have easy way to delete Allow in the background items you have to talk to Apple:) Maybe one day they will enable it from GUI.

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I see. For now, I’ve installed Find Any File and managed to delete the files associated with Kopia LLC. There still are some low-level files (.aot files) which cannot be deleted unless I disable system integrity protection. Not sure if it’s worth it, but I might. Anyway, thanks for the pointers!

You are referring to objects which have been allowed to run unattended in the background. There refer to IDs which developers get from Apple to identify them. To actually remove these objects you’ll need to tinker with macOS’ tmcc database - not worth in my opinion.

However, simply having that ID in the database won’t do you any harm - there’s no actual code attached to it.