What does "ignore errors" do?

I’m unclear on what happens if --ignore-dir-errors or --ignore-file-errors is false and an error is encountered. Is the snapshot canceled? Is the user notified?

I think such information should be included on pages like https://kopia.io/docs/reference/command-line/common/policy-set/ – enough information that an out-of-the-loop user like myself can know which to choose for an ordinary, robust backup policy.

I’ll include a couple of similar suggestions here, so as not to create too many topics.

Suggestions for help pages and “–help” text, to make Kopia more understandable to noobs:

  • policy edit | Kopia : When I ran “kopia policy edit” in Ubuntu, I ended up in some vi-like editor, which was disorienting till I’d figured it out. It would be helpful for newbies if they were told “this command will open the policy file in vim. The edited policy file must be a valid JSON file or it will not be accepted.”
  • policy set | Kopia :
    • for “–compression,” list or link to the options
    • for “–compression-max-size” (/min), is the value given in bytes, or can one specify “1G” …?
  • When I leave fields as “inherit from parent” in the global policy, I assume there are defaults that are used – what are they? The “defaults” column in the “policy edit” page is mostly empty. (Simply by seeing the default, a newbie can get a sense of what an option does – e.g. if “ignore errors” defaults to “no”, I can guess that an error might stop the backup; if it defaults to “yes”, then I can guess I’ll still get a complete backup.)

Finally: are these questions useful, or is it still a bit early in development to worry about them? I can continue adding such questions as they come up, or not.

Dzięki jeszcze raz :slight_smile: