Why will there be an error when Change a computer?

I normally used kopia on a win7 PC locally and when I switched to a new win7 PC connected Repository locally.The following error occurs:

Connect Error: INTERNAL: internal server error: connect error: error opening repository: error connecting: unable to set up caching: unable to determine cache directory: %LocalAppData% is not defined

I don’t know why.please tell me
In addition
When I use Windows 10, why can’t I mount snapshot??


On Windows, Kopia puts it’s config and cache directory in “C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Local”. Can you check if this path exists? Did you install kopia on your new Windows 7 from the scratch?

You can also type “cd %LocalAppData%” in a cmd line and see if the variable is defined and points to a folder.

Mounting a snaphots on my laptop (win 10) works as expected. Are there any errors showing up?


Thanks a lot
1.The files you mention (C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Local) I copy the A PC to B PC
So These thing is exists.Em … Am I worng?
2.Mounting a snaphots on win 10 .I click the button , Nothing happened

again thanks

If you mount the snapshot, does it show a mount point - something like Y:?
It should show up in the explorer but you will have to open the explorer by yourself. It does not pop up.

I would suggest installing kopia from the scratch and connect to repository on your new pc. If you connect to the repository with the same user and hostname and repository password, it should list your snapshots.

I haven’t tried to copy the folders manually. However, there is a second folder that might currently be missing: “C:\Users[USER]\AppData\Roaming\kopia”. In this folder lies the repository config.


  1. Your suggestion is correct. I modified %LocalAppData% to solve the problem. Thanks
  2. in WIN10 I CLICK “Mount as Local Filesystem”,and then open the explorer There is still no drive appear. I think it is because my system has been modified,I don’t want to deal with this anymore,do not matter

Thank you !

Your welcome :slight_smile: If you have more questions, feel free to ask.