Windows - beginner question - Ignore files


this might be a stupid question, but: How do I create exceptions in Windows?

I have added the following to the policy under Files → Ignore Files:

"S:\System Volume Information\".

Nevertheless I get errors in the snapshot:

snapshotted directory {"path": "System Volume Information", "error": "unable to read directory: open S:\\\\\\System Volume Information: Access is denied.", "dur": "0s"}

I’ve also tried it without quotes.

Does anyone have a tip?

Best regards

The help text states that this needs to be specified as relative to the directory they are in and not absolute. This should work:

System Volume Information/

Thanks for the tip! Yes, that apparently works.

But: If I have a directory D:\Images and I want to exclude this directory, but I don’t want to exclude all other subdirectories with “images” (for example D:\CompanyData\Images and D:\Neighborhood\Images), how to do it with the exceptions?

You can use:


This ignore only direct subdirectory - Images.

Kopia uses gitignore syntax:

Thank you! Most of the help texts refer to Linux and macOS. I didn’t realize that in Windows, too, the slash must always be used in path specifications and not the backslash.