Behavior of ObjectLock in Governance and Compliance Mode

Hello everyone,

Kopia supports compliance and governance mode.
If I choose compliance mode, then I have to be careful with retention, as the volume can no longer be deleted from the storage side for that time.

Therefore, governance mode is good for testing, or if I still want to retain sovereignty on the storage side.

During my tests in compliance mode, I saw that Kopia sets the retain until date for its chunks (backups), as well as for the repo (kopia.repository, kopia.blobcfg). This means that the final deletion of the repo and the data is not possible before it expires.
It is very important that the backups run regularly so that there is always a retain until date in the future to ensure protection.

In governance mode, however, the retain until date is not updated. For example, the files kopia.repositoray and kopia.blobcfg remain at an old retain until date, even though current backups are being made and there are newer chunk files with retain until dates in the future.

Does anyone know if this is intentional? Because as soon as I delete the two files mentioned, the repository is defective. Therefore, in my opinion, the files should always be updated to the highest retain until date, regardless of whether governance or compliance was selected.

I think I can give myself the answer now. My test period was too short.
The retention is only corrected for the repo files when the maintenance is running or when you start the maintenance manually.

I hadn’t noticed that before.

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