Connecting to a secondary repo via a terminal doesn't make it show up in the ui

apologies if the title sounds a bit confusing but I was unsure how else to word it.
Here’s what I’m trying to do: I’m trying to connect a rclone repository with kopia, and I want to pass an argument to rclone once I create it.
I do a bit of digging and I find that this seems to be possible in the CLI version of kopia, by using--rclone-args, so I go on the windows terminal and I begin all of the commands with “C:\Users\FreshGadz1587\AppData\Local\Programs\KopiaUI\resources\server\kopia.exe” after a bit of trial and error I get it to work! and I successfully connected kopia to rclone with the specific argument that I wanted to connect it with!
Now that’s all great, but I do ultimately prefer using the UI for most of the work I need to do, it’s a lot cleaner and especially since in my case I have a lot of repositories going on at the same time, being able to see all of them at once [in different windows] helps out a ton.
Now the problem is that when I connected to the rclone repository via the windows terminal, while it did successfully connect, I didn’t see a new connection when I right click on the KopiaUI icon, I see all of my previous connections, but not this new one.
I probably did miss something but my question is how can I:
Connect to a repository via the CLI,
then See & Edit & Send Snapshots in that Repository via the UI

I am on Windows and if you need any more info let me know