Unable to connect to KRS from KopiaUI

Hi all,

I’ve set up a Kopia Repo Server (KRS) on my Linux server with Kopia
0.6.4 build: cb519f66427ad9394f7ff05c4b1451f086dd055f.

On the client, using the CLI
0.6.4 build: cb519f66427ad9394f7ff05c4b1451f086dd055f,
I can successfully connect to my KRS.

However, I’m unable to connect to it using KopiaUI Version 0.6.4 (

Using the “Configure Repositories…” menu, I configured it using the same address:port (no trailing /), Server Password and Server Certificate Fingerprint.

When I click [Apply and Restart], nothing seems to happen.
The repo shows up in the menu access, but the log tab remains empty and the repo window only shows “Kopia UI Loading…”

I quit and relaunched the KopiaUI app, then I get the pink values for Server (it says Remote), URL and TLS at the bottom of the Repositories window, but still nothing in the log tab.

Where should I head to in order to find information about what’s going on?

Maybe I should add : client is running on macOS 10.13.6

Some bugs in the code. Look https://github.com/kopia/kopia/issues/587

You can connect to your Kopia Server via CLI. After that you can use Kopia-UI.

Connecting to remote Kopia server from KopiaUI is an advanced usage and appears to be confusing, honestly it should probably not even be supported. To reduce future confusion, I think we should remove it.

Instead you can start Local Server mode, and in Provider window select “(connect to Kopia Server)”
This will start a server on localhost that handles UI and forwards all requests to another server (on remote host). This configuration is to set up and manage than fiddling with TLS parameters, which are super easy to get wrong.

BTW, when you connect to remote server using CLI, it should just work in Kopia UI - no additional setup necessary.

Could you provide (or point to) any guidance for doing this?
I mean, I can connect to remote using CLI, but then nothing happen in KopiaUI.
Or do I mix things up between KopiaUI and webUI?
I’m a bit confused.

Update: I got it!
Deleted the non-working repo (from the UI), relaunched the app and boom!

The simplest usage is:

  1. On a clean machine that never had Kopia or KopiaUI - launch KopiaUI and select"(connect to Kopia Server)". Configure everything - now Kopia and KopiaUI will both see it.

  2. On a clean machine that never had Kopia or KopiaUI - kopia repository connect sever ... - once this connects, both Kopia and KopiaUI will see it.

  3. In Kopia UI (Configure Repositories…) should only be used if you have more than one repository to be connected at the same time. The UI is clumsy and we need to fix it to be more obvious.

Now that I get a better sens of how all this works, I agree with this.
That said, the “Local Server” term is confusing to me…