Couple of questions from new user

Just started using KopiaUI with some test folders. Been impressed with it so far and looking forward to using it properly. A couple of questions that have come up:

  1. I can’t see a way to modify the location of a repository. Say in the future I install a new drive that I want to use for my respository. How can I do this?

  2. Is there a way to group a number of snapshots/policies to run at once? Since it does not seem possible to add only specific folders to a snapshot (only ignore) this means I’m going to end up with many snapshots that I will have to run one by one (either manually or scheduled).

Take game save files for example. These are always a pain since they are spread all over. Some in the game’s own folder, some in My Documents, some in AppData, and so on. There’s really no other way than to make a separate snapshot for each of these folders each with their own policies?

This is only from my experience working disaster recovery but the best form of defence is “grab it all, and exclude what you don’t want”… the day you let someone decide what they want instead of what they don’t is the day they ruin their own backups.

whilst i recognise this doesn’t help you, it does make sense.

A possible solution might be (if kopia supports junctions or symlinks) is to create a folder on your windows system and then create symlinks / junctions to all your desired folders that you want backed up… if kopia will follow those paths then it’ll only grab the files you want.

I can definitely see the merit in that approach, but being so stingy with storage space and only wanting to save the data I really need, I just can’t bring myself to backing up 5 drives worth of junk when I want to keep only a small portion of it.

I feel like I’ll be spending the whole day excluding folders I don’t want if I go about it this way (only for more junk folders made by programs to appear in the future), but maybe I should look into it…

As for the symlinks - good idea, but after testing it a little bit, it didn’t seem to work. From what I could see, it was just backing up the link and not the file itself.

  1. repository sync-to from-config | Kopia (or one of the other “kopia repository sync-to” options)
  2. If you (only) have 5 snapshot dirs done, like
    “kopia snapshot create /path/to/one”
    “kopia snapshot create /path/to/two”
    “kopia snapshot create /path/to/three”
    “kopia snapshot create /path/to/four”
    “kopia snapshot create /path/to/five”
    then you can run “kopia snapshot create --all” afterwards and it will do those again, one at a time, but also only those dirs. If you later on make a snapshot of “/” then it would be included in --all, but as long as you add separate dirs only, --all will repeat the dirs you have made snapshots of and not any other dirs.