CPU fan running non stop

Is there a setting I need to look into so the kopia process don’t start the fans in a computer? The fans start only when kopia is running and this is also trus when it’s idling. As soon as I stop/kill all the process on Windows, the fans stop. Any pointers or is this a bug?


i have not seen this bug yet. Can you post some information about the utilization of the cpu and such? Are you charging your computer? Sometimes the fan starts while charging as heat is emitted by the battery and components.


Hi Chris,

I think the problem does not come from the battery or components since this computer is 4 years old and it is kept clean. I’ve never encouterred that type of issue before.

That said, this morning, I’ve tried to recreate the problem and I don’t have it. This tells me I may not have identified the real problem. My problem may lie somewhere else.

Please close this issue. If I can properly identify it, I will submit it with the information you requested.

Thank you very much and have a great day,