UI no longer running maintenance


I’ve been using Kopia for about two weeks now across three different systems and I like it quite a bit.

The first computer that I set up was the designated maintenance user, and after pretty much every snapshot I would see a maintenance line in the UI. I updated my s3 credentials last night, which in the UI meant disconnecting from the repository and reconnecting. Since then maintenance hasn’t ran at all.

I used the command line to do a “kopia maintenance set --owner=me” and then did a manual maintenance run, then left the computer overnight, but maintenance still isn’t running.

Is there something else I should try?

Inexplicably, it has started running maintenance again. If this happens to anyone else, I was on macOS, and I deleted everything related to Kopia under Application Support, Cache, and Logs. I then rebooted, used the command line client to reassign maintenance owner to myself, ran a quick and a full, then connected with the UI. After like 30 minutes it started running the maintenance check after each snapshot again.

No idea what happened.