Creating multiple repositories and getting to them

I just found Kopia and am really liking it (Windows 10, only using the KopiaUI). I created my first Repository and had it back up 4 directories with about 8TB in it (all to a local filesystem). I wanted to create a few more repositories with different types of files. I finally fond that I could disconnect from the one and create a new one. I did that and got the next set of directories going to its new repository. Everything is awesome :star_struck:

Now I want to go to sign into the other repository but, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how I do that. I “think” I might have to do something with the Kopia Repository Server but I have no idea what to do.

Did I screw something up? Please help?

Ultimately, I would like to have 4-5 different repositories and be able to go back and forth and check them out but maybe I can’t.

Thank you all very much (I am sure I will have more questions in the future)

You can have N repositories independently connected at any given point in time using KopiaUI - There’s “Connect To Another Repository”.

Let me know if that does answer your question.

So, I click like I am going to create a new repository but then I put in the location of the repository that is already created and then put in my ID and password? Sorry, it wasn’t intuitive to me.
Also, and maybe this should go somewhere else, but on the screen where you put the location of the repository, it would be nice to have the little folder icon and be able to search for the location rather than type it out each time. Ideally maybe even links to the last 5-10 repositories you connected to (would still need to sign in but not have to go find them each time).

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Why is this in KopiaUI but not in Kopia Server? They look to be basically the same thing, am I wrong?

kopiaUI is basically GUI wrapper over kopia. Use option --config-file with different filename for each of your repositories to separate them