Critical bug: WebDAV doesn't work in the latest KopiaUI

On WebDAV, KopiaUI 0.17.0 on Windows can connect to the repository, where a green check mark and text “Repository is connected” appearing. However, Snapshots, Policies and Tasks are all disabled, cannot be clicked, and pointing to them will shown a the following text: “Repository is not connected”. In other words, I can log in but can’t touch the repository. So far this occurs on the 2 WebDAV configurations I have tried.

Upon checking, KopiaUI 0.16.1 share this bug, but reverting to KopiaUI 0.13.0 resolves the issue. Can someone please fix this? I’d be willing to help if logs etc. are needed, though if there’s a need to check CLI, please give me a step-by-step guide as I’m not familiar with it.

EDIT: Closing KopiaUI (through the “x” button) then restarting it again (by right clicking the icon on the taskbar then selecting the name of the repository) fixes the problem. With this, it seems the problem is only on the GUI, perhaps one of the updates added something that temporarily disables the menu (the bar with buttons for Snapshots, Policies etc.) when the repository is initializing, but forgets to turn it on afterwards.

Also, this does not occur on Local Storage which initializes much faster, so maybe a timer was placed that malfunctions if the initialization took too long (about a min or more)?

No such problem here, running KopiaUI 0,17 on Windows 11.
The repository is connected through WebDAV on 1&1 Smart Driive

While the repository is initializing, can you click on Snapshots, Policies and Tasks (pointing on these buttons would turn the mouse from arrow to a hand)? If yes then the problem might be specific to my device.

How long does it take yours to initialize? If less than 30 secs, that would be more evidence that the problem is due to a malfunctioning timer.