How to change the maintenance user for the GUI tasks?


I am using the Win GUI. One of my repo has maintenance issue due to the user ownership. How could I run such tasks as required user in the GUI app?

This is the error
Error: maintenance must be run by designated user: USER

Either disconnect and connect again as a user which is allowed to run maintenance or change maintenance ownership to another user (it is CLI command only).

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Thanks for the reply. How do I do that with the GUI app permanently? That seems to be for the session only.

When I do that, the original user can’t make actual snapshots :frowning:

I told you already that you have to use CLI to do it. GUI does not contain all kopia functionality.

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What does the “maintenance tasks” in the GUI app do exactly as in cli command? I can maybe replicate that as a CLI command.

Here maintenance description:

Yes. GUI app tries to run maintenance tasks based on your maintenance schedule.

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