How to browse for folder to set policy?

Still finding my way around Kopia. I’ve set it up in docker and everything seems to be working. However, when setting up policies, I have to manually type a folder path. The Getting Started Guide says I should be able to “browse for the directory”, but I can’t.

Am I doing this wrong?

You mean to find the files to actually backup? Browsing can only be used if running KopiaUI and using it in a docker container sounds like you have not yet connected to the UI. If already in the UI, it is rather simple and straightforward, after creating & connecting to a repository, just create a new snapshot and there you can browse for folders:

Thanks for the quick response!

I am already in the UI and I’m missing the button you very obviously have:

However - and please correct me if I’m wrong - I thought I’m supposed to set up policies first, where I can adjust scheduling, exclude folders, etc. And this is where I was expecting a browse folders button (like the one you have under snapshots), but there is none:

Would you happen to know what’s wrong here?

I tried to recreate the problem and yes, you are absolutely correct, the browse button is notably absent in the web UI. However, it is rather easy to select the folder as you probably have defined one folder as a bind mount in the docker-compose.yml. You simply add that folder in the path to snapshot and let kopia do the snapshot. If not all folders/files in that specific folder need to be backed up, define ignore lists in the policy.
If trying to backup multiple separate folders, you probably have to create a more complex exclude list, I am still experimenting with that.

Related question: any idea how kopia copes with backing up its own docker data folder?

Don’t know how involved you are with the project, but do you happen to know if this is a bug and would warrant an issue on github? I would create one in that case.

That’s a good idea and I might do that once I have it set up to cover my entire system. For now, however, I am only mounting a few select folders into the docker container to test things out and will add more as I go along. So I have to keep typing them in to the web UI - which works perfectly well. It’s just a convenience thing.

Interesting question. Particularly since I’m planning to do just that. :smile: I would think it shouldn’t be an issue. The config files should be pretty static. But I hope somebody more knowledgeable than me will comment on this.

I really don’t know if this is enough for a bug report, seeing as the snapshotted (?) folder is always the same (the one you specified in the docker-compose.yml) and as far as I know you can only snapshot one folder per snapshot job (probably use ignore lists and snapshot the whole file system if you need more than one folder).

Maybe the issue is linked to [Regression] v11.0 and .1 - Button to browse folder in policies and snapshot is gone · Issue #2145 · kopia/kopia · GitHub ?

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