Incomplete Snapshots

Twice today I’ve had two in complete snapshots, resulting in the overall size of the snapshot (in the main window) being reported as 0 bytes. On both occasions, running the snapshot again seemed to fix it (within a few seconds). I don’t know why it’s failing though and whether it’s something I should be concerned about?

For this snapshot I have been incrementally removing ignore rules (to keep some folders from being backed-up straight away - due to the fact that this folder contains a large amount of data). I don’t know whether that is making a difference or not. I also turned on compression after 3 snapshots. I’m just mentioning this in case it’s relevant.


I checked the main.log and there were 4 instances of the following entry (around the timestamp of the incomplete snapshot):

[kopia/content] unable to remove unused index file: remove C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\kopia\f71d2fa0f49cb759\indexes\nd36a2eed6a64393394cde73ed225898b.sndx: Access is denied.

None of the changes you’re describing should be causing this behavior. I think this is some weird UI artifact (I’m assuming you are using KopiaUI, is that correct?)

BTW. That log entry is also benign. The unused indexes should be removed on next attempt.

Yes it’s the UI. Thanks for letting me know. Can I also ask you what the correct syntax is for verifying a specific snapshot? How is each snapshot Identified on the CLI? Do you need to input your username@hostname + source path?

On the CLI you can do kopia snapshot verify --all-sources

This verification may have costs on b2 and aws !

It does have a cost but it won’t download files only metadata (directory listings and manifests) which are typically much smaller.

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