Kopia UI schows a lot of incomplete snapshots but CLI doesn't show any

Hey… I’ve just startet looking into Kopia, coming from restic, and I am currently taking it to a test, where I backup approx. 9TB of vm disks from my proxmox cluster to it.

Since the first snanpshot is due to take some time and the regular restic backup was kicking in, I stopped the current snapshot run and thus had an incomplete snapshot. Wile in the Kopia UI all checkpoints and the incomplete snapshot itself are shown, I can’t see any snapshot when running

kopia snapshot list

Which I found odd. I also wanted to delete the first incomplete snapshot, but wonder how am supposed to do it, if I the incomplete snapshots aren’t shown.

On Slack i read that Jarek wrote

kopia snapshot list -i

BTW, There’s typically no need to delete incomplete snapshots - they will be automatically deleted when the snapshot completes. Incomplete snapshots actually help speed up the next attempt because they can help avoid caching of already-uploaded files.