Snapshot disappears v0.9.2

I created a snapshot with kopia v0.9.2 like so

kopia snapshot create C:\Users\kopia\test


C:\Users\kopia>kopia snapshot create C:\Users\kopia\test
Snapshotting kopia@box:C:\Users\kopia\test...
 * 0 hashing, 2547 hashed (10.1 GB), 0 cached (0 B), uploaded 4.6 KB, estimated 10.1 GB (100.0%) 0s left
Created snapshot with root kab9893bde870f0295f0370789d7b2ac1 and ID 953a221607da5fc49f6f234cd7243148 in 41s

Then I tried to list the snapshot with

kopia snapshot list --all -l

but the snapshot is not in the list.

Is that a bug or user error?

What’s the backend? Is it a filesystem or cloud?

It is a filesystem.

So what is the step-by-step repro here?

create new repository
create snapshot
snapshot disappears?

or is there more?

It could be related also to this problem I reported earlier.

I used the UI in that forum topic. Maybe it is a policy bug?