Kopia with azure

I am trying to create a repo on auzre as follows but seeing the below error

kopia repository create azure --container=prashanth-container --storage-account=automation --storage-key=“xxxx value”

kopia: error: can't connect to storage: unable to list from the bucket: blob (code=PermissionDenied): -> github.com/Azure/azure-storage-blob-go/azblob.newStorageError, /home/runner/go/pkg/mod/github.com/!azure/azure-storage-blob-go@v0.13.0/azblob/zc_storage_error.go:42
===== RESPONSE ERROR (ServiceCode=AuthenticationFailed) =====
Description=Server failed to authenticate the request. Make sure the value of Authorization header is formed correctly including the signature.
Time:2021-09-09T10:05:01.5837642Z, Details:
   AuthenticationErrorDetail: The MAC signature found in the HTTP request '3tlxU3m66G1sxtFgQDmdRWuOzoZDOp+ayjDjW1tjGIQ=' is not the same as any computed signature. Server used following string to sign: 'GET

I am able to use the same credentials details on different tools and it works.
Do I need to provide any additional info? How do I know what is wrong here?


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