KopiaUI enhancements and bugs

  1. In Policies | Files if you click on .gitignore it replaces the Policy UI and I can’t see anyway to get back to it.

  2. In Snapshots UI display the Repository Name. If I have multiple repositories open I have to select Repository to see which one this is.

  3. In Repository UI display Path for Filesystem repos and bucket for B2 etc.

  4. In Snapshots UI when Snapshot is selected and you are drilling down the folder tree display the current parent path (breadcrumbs) . The ability to click path components to select that path would be very nice.

  5. Implement both Repository Pause/Resume and Snapshot Pause/Resume capabilities.

  6. Pressing the Alt Key (Windows) displays the Electron menu bar.

Oh and thanks for v0.7 and all your hard work.

I would add a
7. Right click menu at least to copy/paste

(6. displays the electron menu bar on linux too)