KopiaUI v0.10.5 crashing

Mac 10.15.7
Since upgrading from 0.10.3 KopiaUI is crashing almost immediately, leaving a blank ‘Kopia UI Loading’ screen. Any ideas how to resolve ? I’ve deleted the Kopia directories in the Application Support directory to try to re-connect my existing repositories, but this produces the same error. I have been able to successfully run snapshots from the command line .
Extract from main.log below
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.530] [info] actuating Server repository
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.534] [info] stopServer: server not started
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.534] [info] spawning /Applications/KopiaUI.app/Contents/Resources/server/kopia server --ui --tls-print-server-cert --tls-generate-cert-name=localhost --random-password --random-server-control-password --tls-generate-cert --async-repo-connect --shutdown-on-stdin --address=localhost:0 --config-file /Users/carol/Library/Application Support/kopia/repository.config
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.542] [info] starting polling loop
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.730] [error] failed to load
[2022-02-16 20:52:06.737] [info] Checking for update
[2022-02-16 20:52:07.349] [info] reloading
[2022-02-16 20:52:07.350] [error] failed to load
[2022-02-16 20:52:07.374] [info] child process exited with code null and signal SIGSEGV