Logs within the repository


Logging can be done to text logs which is seperate from the repository
I was thinking what if logs are made part of the repository?

This can help in case of a complete disaster or Ransomeware attack. You will loose all logs…
You begin executing your DR operations… When you come to data restoration you connect to the remote repository, review the logs and begin restoring data from zero

Right now policies are defined inside the repository so…
Kopia policy show --global (shows all global policies)
Kopia logs (new command to view or edit logging)

Logs are an important part of audits and losing them may lead to problems.

Integrating logs within the repository may need a repository redesign.

Thank you

Storing logs within repository is a great idea. I’m curious what is the use of these logs, though? The logs are primarily used for troubleshooting of Kopia itself, do you have other uses in mind?

Yes for troubleshooting and backup audits

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Do you feel this can be done in some future versions… An issue can be created on GitHub… Can be a long term plan

I really feel integrating logs within the repository attached to each snapshot would benefit.

It absolutely can be done. Please file an issue on GitHub.