Moving to new user account (macOS)


I had a very stable backup workflow but unfortunately due to some malfunction with how my user account was setup I had to create a new user and migrate my home folder to that new user. In other words, I moved to a new user account with a different home folder name.

When I start the Kopia UI now, I no longer see any of my repositories or backups. I have the old configuration files, and can easily connect on the command line where listing the backups works. However, what is irksome is that the backups all point to my old home folder and so I assume they would break if there was an attempted restore.

In short, my question is, what is the right way here to migrate such a backup system to a new system with a different home folder?

If I understood correctly you simply copied the Kopia configuration folder to the new home folder but didn’t change any credentials? Have you tried to disconnect and re-connect the repositories?

Restores are using a relative path and you can choose which destination path to use for restores.

I have been apprehensive to disconnect/reconnect incase I wiped something out.

My question really is about safety – I have all of the old kopia configurations stored in ~/Library/… etc. If I get you right, I should just try connecting again in kopia UI? I tried on the CLI and it was completely fine.

Indeed just connecting to the repo worked. Thanks!