Multilanguage option


Is possible to add the option to change interface GUI language?
Can help with Catalan translation if necessary.

Thank you.


follow progress on github:

Can contribute with Catalan translation? How to do it?
Another interesting option will be to send logs to email after backup task ends. Is it possible to add in a future release?

This is software so pretty much all is possible. But somebody has to program it:) The best way is to learn golang and write yourself what is on your wish list:) And then share with others. This is whole open source idea.

Sending log to email is trivial wrapper script you can write yourself. Not sure backup software should do everything. It produces logs, it produces exit codes - everybody can use it.

Contact people on github (link I sent earlier) - I guess first priority is to roll out multi-language support. Then it will be more than welcomed to add new languages.