Multiple repositories stored on one host

I want to host multiple Kopia repositories on a single, headless, SFTP host. This way I can separate work and personal backups to different locations. Is this common and resonable?

I see a question a bit like this here → Multiple repositories in single S3 bucketGeneralApr '21 - Is it possible to set up multiple respositories within a single AWS S3 bucket?.

The host I want to use already has one filesystem repository. It looks like I can remotely connect to this filesystem repository using the SFTP repository type. I suspect I could differentiate between the repos using --prefix. Should I re-create this repository as SFTP rather than filesystem?

I see a config file defined for local backups here ~/.config/kopia/repository.config. How do I keep track of the multiple repositories on that host? Will there be more than one repository.config file or will multiple repositories be created and managed by that single config file? Is the config file really just necessary for the client to know how to connect to a repository? What is necessary on the server? I see a file in the filesystem repo named kopia.repository.f. Is it something like this?

  • ~/.config/kopia/repository.config ~= how to connect to a Kopia repository
  • kopia.repository.f ~= how a Kopia repository is defined