Red exclimation mark on webui?

hi gurus
what is the reason for a red exclamation mark on a snapshot when viewed in the web UI ?

Did you tried to move mouse on a red exclamation mark (and click on it) ?

yes, its not interactive

Is there any documentation about this anywhere?

A bit of guessing, but does the same show up when you use the CLI? F.e. kopia snapshot list.

And did you check the logs in the cache directory?

I can’t see anything meaningful in the logs pertaining to the exclamation mark.
Is there any documentation about this ?

When I hoover my cursor over a red exclamation mark in a snapshot list I can see a text box popping up with the error.

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Can you post those logs then?

But most importantly are your further snapshots doing fine? A workaround maybe deleting the exclamation-marked snapshot and snapshoting again.

Despite the documentation lacking a bit it’s hard to point something with so little details.

Ok it looks like it was a permission issue

Are you using one repo for two clients, per chance? Just to ask if you’re got the same use-case as mine.

I’m using the same repo but one instance of Kopia

Is that the question?