UI shows nothing for a snapshot


I am testing Kopia (Kopia UI on Windows + Kopia Docker container for the server on a different machine). When making a snapshot of the entire C: drive on Windows, the snapshot is performed successfully. When checking the list of snapshots, the UI shows some errors:


However, these errors are related to no permission to access privileged directories and other unbackable files from Windows. Hence, they are “expected” errors and I am fine with skipping those files.

However, when checking the content of the snapshot from the UI, I get this:


I get the same result in the KopiaUI on Windows and in the HTTP Kopia server (the screenshot is showing this).

Interestingly, if I refresh the page in the HTTP Kopia server page, I can see a huge JSON, which is likely reporting the errors.

But If I try to mount the snapshot in the Kopia server from the CLI, then I can see the content. If I verify the snapshot, everything is fine.

I suppose this is a bug in the (Web) UI. Am I right? What can I do?

I have a smaller snapshot that can be accessed without issues from the UI. Notiche that this snapshot has similar errors about privileged files.

This is an excerpt of the JSON that I see when I refresh the page: