Reinstall after loss of host system


I’m looking at moving to Kopia from Duplicacy but I have 1 hangup that i can’t figure out.

I am running Kopia-UI on Windows and am using it to snapshot to a local NAS device.

let’s assume my Windows host dies and needs to be rebuilt… how do i get back to the point where i can resume my backups where i left off? Is there some part of KopiaUI I should be backing up elsewhere to facilitate restoring back my snapshots / repository information?

Many thanks


I am not quite sure what you mean by some part of KopiaUI backup, if your computer needs to be reset, you can simply reinstall the OS, and then reconnect with the repository. You shouldn’t need anything apart from the repository and the password. You can continue creating your backups after this.

Now if your username and/or hostname changes (which are used by Kopia to uniquely identify your computer), then you will start out with a “fresh” history. It does not mean that your backups are gone, you just need to access them differently.

Exactly… just hang on to your repo password and keep it somewhere safe - outside of your host. The rest can be easily get to work after a new install on a new host.

That’s great to hear… so just recreate my LXC, install kopia and point it back at my repo and everything should resume…

Thanks all