Snapshot hangs on multiple workstations

On multiple client workstations I see the following scenarios:

…attempting to cancel also hangs things up, the only way to recover is to kill the process entirely and restart.

The snapshot destination is a dedicated Proxmox LXC container running on the same network (Kopia 0.11.3 build: 317cc36892707ab9bdc5f6e4dea567d1e638a070) with an Azure Blob Storage backend.

Everything works well, until it doesn’t (if that makes sense). The network is isolated and therefore uncongested, not much going on besides hourly backups and the occasional network print job. The Hypervisor has similarly light duties, only handles Kopia and Meshcentral.

Has anyone experienced this type of issue before?

Edit: I should mention, this issue is intermittent. When you consider that we have hourly snapshots taking place it really isn’t commonplace. The real issue is that things do not auto recover, manual intervention is required.