Storage Using Enterprise Source

Hi. Im new.
Most of the storage locations are cloud based. Is there an option other than NAS for an on prem storage appliance. For instance, the current solution in place uses an F7300, an IBM appliance.

Or is the only viable solution to point the storage location to server disks?

I think documentation list all what is possible:

Either your appliance supports something from this list (directly or via rclone) or as for today you are out of luck.

Thank you! This is actually the document I have been reviewing. I think I’m just out of luck, unfortunately.

It probably depends on how you’re using your appliance. I haven’t used that one, but most support NFS or CIFS. Then it would just be a matter of configuring kopia to locally mount those volumes/directories over those protocols. kopia does a pretty good job of allowing all clients to access the storage simultaneously.